Our Services

We are a rapidly growing company operating across domains with customers worldwide. We take pride in building long–term Client Relationships and supporting them at all levels. Our strengths lie in our People, Process, Management and our focus on Customers.

  • Healthcare Solutions

    As a provider of comprehensive healthcare support services that include medical coding, medical billing, and healthcare reve[...]

  • IT Services

    Niha Technologies has a unique approach to your integration needs around any SaaS application. We focus on business process [...]

  • IT Solutions

    Niha Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of IT Solutions across various industries These services include Enterprise Res[...]

Our Platforms

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  • Dellboomi

    Dellboomi Services: [...]

  • Mulesoft

    Niha’s Integration implementation team provides industry-leading integration best practices, design, execution strategy, implementation, and support serv [...]


    Dell Boomi leads the industry with pre-built API connectivity to over 200 of the leading cloud and on-premise applications [...]


    MuleSoft provides an integration platform for connecting any application, data source or API, whether in the cloud or on-premises [...]

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