Job Responsibilities:

  • • Assisting on-going interfaces delivery process for new and existing projects and working on developing integration interfaces.

  • • Perform applications integration using Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and other middleware technologies.

  • • Middleware application deployment following change management process.

  • • Actively involve with requirement understanding and analysis.

  • • Design and develop ESB/SOA/BPM middleware layers using MuleSoft ESB.

  • • Interact with other technical team leaders such as architects, testing, analysis and release managers as a lead member of the development team to accomplish the business goal.

  • • Configure the Database Connector and leveraged Select Operation to connect to Sqlserver and extract the data.

  • • Implemented Splitter-Aggregator, Web Services Consumer, CXF Webservices, MessageFilters, Method Entry Point Resolvers, MEL scripts.

  • • Implement GroupBy, filter, map functionalities in Dataweave.

  • • Partition exception handling into 3 types Business Exceptions, Validation Exceptions and System Exceptions using Choice Exception Handling with multiple Catch exceptions which are configured as Global element.

  • • Implement Mule Batch Processing to handle large records of Swiss Airlines FlatFileData.

  • • Configure VM Queue to increase the performance of application.

  • • Experience in application deployment on cloud hub and managed the app using MuleMMC. Configure and manage Mule MMC

Educational Qualifications:

  • Bacherlor’s degree in Computer Science / Engineering, or a related field.

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